Boom Boom STocks 1/24/2012


Morning looking like a bit lower opening over concerns on greece, earnings etc. Not much has changed yesterday we saw some evididence of weakness after the market tried to break resistance only to be followed with a late day bounce that kept us running even on the indices.   All in all we ended pretty much right where we started


keep an eye on this trend..when it breaks that will be one of our signs that the character of the market has changed

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lazy mans watchlist! sorry! got a little tipsy watching the spectacle that we call republican debates then passed out!,AONE,ASYS,ATPG,AUMN,AUQ,AXL,BGC,BIOF,BVSN,CADX,CBK,CERP,CT,DATE,DRRX,END,HL,NXY,OWW,QIHU,RLD,SAPX,SBLK,SINO,SQNS,ZIP


premarket gappers by the good folks at trade-ideas.  dht, blrx , bont look interest on watch for intraday setups

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