Boom Boom Stocks 12/20/2010

My plan originally was to post a chart of the SPX… get some nice index charts of the financials, emerging markets, steel, all that jazz. Draw some funny lines on those charts, probably even layer some indicators on them to make people think im all educated and stuff (wow whats a RSI 98?! this guy must be on some cutting edge stuff).  But in the end none of that matters we will probably be up 30 points tomorrow.  In the end it is written we close flat or up 30 and thats it.  News, charts nothing matters. Our Lord and Savior Helicopter Ben aka The bearded One aka Emperor of the World aka “he who has no name” has peed in the snow that we shall live in a low volatility meltup and if you bet against him he will pee pee on you for doubting the powers of his moustache








theres a million other stocks..i cant post them all.
Little banks look great..Ill do a seperate blog on them tomorow. HAFC still looking like the next bbx. I also like exk, pal, brd and a whole host of other names.



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