Boom Boom Stocks 12/12/2010

Morning folks. Futures gapping up slightly across the board.  We got a nice run in oil with USO up 1.7% and same for Nat gas.  We could chop around a bit as investors await resolution on the tax deal.  The market has already priced the deal getting done but as always there will be some caution as its gets finalized.  On friday the SPY hit 2 year highs.  Nearest shorterm support levels are spx 1220 so if we pullback keep an eye on that level.  In the end it might not matter as we are all coked up cracked out…going on an  old school gorilla run.  Im seeing a bit of deal flow as our corporate candy baggers have nowhere to stick their untaxed dollars and cash is at record highs. Where they gonna stick all that cash?? T-bills! UM bet is to buy up companies of all sorts.
some stocks im watching







and of course i like all sorts of regional banks. bpop, fbc, crbc
many gold stocks like NG also look good. too many to post as they all look the same.



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