Boom Boom Stocks 11/21/2011

Evening folks.  Here is this weeks watchlist.  The market is going to be a bit different this week as we have turkey day.  It doesnt mean its not worth trading. These low volume weeks are often a daytraders heaven as the big boys are gone but all the message board/twitter/chatroom traders are ready to go.  It leads to some real nice breakouts on pr’s, earnings, low floaters as traders get bored and pile into anything that can or will move.  I love this time of year it leads to some of the wildest moves.

The indices are in a precarious spot. A few different things can happen if you have watched my video yet take a look at

Stock Market Review This will dig into the market indexes and what we can expect and gameplan for this coming week.

Even with markets dipping smallcaps are still firing. WE had a huge week last week with some big wins in PEIX, SCEI, CNAM, we sold our last shares of BIOF for an 80% gain after we added a full position at .57 and then doubled up at .61. Stock hit 1.2s just days later!!


 Lot of you guys have been asking about the stock contest. I will have the results tomorrow its a close race!

My embed code is still messed up so if you see 4 videos then skip every other. I have no clue why screencast
is doing this to me but bad things are going to happen if they dont fix it ...very bad things!

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