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Another rest day in the markets. There wasnt much going on besides a quick short trade in Amri and a short in Bgmd I really couldnt nail down much so I just hung out for most of the day then went to the beach for a workout.  Ive been down in costa rica now for 2 months and its done wonders for my trading to get out of the darkness of Michigan today was really my off day i can remember since i got here.  Some decent stocks that are on my watchlist Im ready to roll for tomorrow!


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We have our 7th Trading Bootcamp Starting March 17th this Sunday!  This is a 3 month program designed to take you from Steps A to Z of our strategy.  We have a total of 28 classes and then 1 month on a live trading simulator to fine tune what we learned in class.


Subs: we have a study session tomorrow:



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