another decent day in the markets. the dips are shallow and they get bought quickly. After some opening weakness we can right off support and the market held up all day till the last few minutes.  This is what a bull run is like and they tend to last nearly a good solid month before they have let up as the dips are shallow or just go sideways and then the bears get forced into a corner then everone jumps in and we get our mini top.  Its been nearly a month so we are starting to hit the tail end before we get a pullback but these things tend to overshoot so for now limit your overnight risk. 1-2 holdings max overnight but keep the daytrading aggressive as the intrday dips are getting bought making for some excellent daytrading. Spec money is still coming in.


Here is @m_willoughby ‘s watchlist for tomorrow  she made some nice calls today in chat on $rimm short and $znga long.


I held $znga and $ypf overnight for swings.




[screencast url=”” width=”” height=””]



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