Boom Boom Stocks 10/12/2011

Evening folks. Nice day today in the markets we started with a weak open and opening gap reversal to turn the market green.   We were in pretty tight zone today with very little movement to the upside or downside. Any little dip today was getting bought and we never really had a serious chance of breaking down.  We got 2 options we can take out this range we are in and run to the top of the 2 month range in the spx 1225 area or tap back to major support underneath via the 20 and 50 day moving average.  Overall i found this day to be slightly bullish even though the market looked tired.  Lot of smallcaps were still firing which you will find on flat days in the markets after a big run in the indices. International net stocks were hot. At one point today i owned redf, sify, sohu, sina, date, dang, renn every ding dong you can think of. Momo is coming back in the markets for some of the riskier high beta names. Keep an eye on them lot of them still beaten down 30-50% from its recent highs. Tomorrow should be a fun one.

sorry for some of the pauses and stutters in the video i was watching the republican debate! this stuff is better then watching the superbowl im obsessed with it!



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