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10 Stocks That Crushed The Market During the October Blood Bath (Relative Strength!)

October was a historically bad month. The S&P 500 index ETF “SPY” was down 7.5%, starting the month at $292 and ended at $270. Ouch! This type of market is rare, but when it happens you must have a “go […]


The Best Inverse ETF To Day Trade in A Bear Market

October has historically been a bad month for the stock market. What we are seeing this month is a bad month compared to recent years when we have had a non-stop bull market. But for momentum traders like us, times […]


How Do We Trade FANG Stocks If The Market Bounces (Amazon and Netflix Are In Play!)

The first half of 2018 was all about the FAANG stocks. That’s Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. In fact, not only did they lead early in this year, they’ve lead for the last 5 years. If you’ve been in […]


5 Earnings Plays To Watch For Next Week

This earnings season is very unique. For the first in around 10 years, we have stocks reporting earnings during a major market correction. There are signs of a major trend change in the overall market trend, which has been in […]


Beginner’s Guide To Earnings Trading

Earnings season is the best time of year for momentum traders. Every day there are dozens of stocks gapping up and down in reaction to quarterly earnings reports. In the current market environment with the major indices getting hammered, there […]


Next Swing Mentorship Session

The next Swing Mentorship Session is this Sunday at 7:30am pacific time. We’ll dig deep into trading market corrections followed my mentorship Q&A. Link:


Searching For Relative Strength In A Bear Market (In Case We are Wrong!)

Okay, so I’ve been calling for a corrective market for some time now, and it’s playing out as expected. And now I expect a second leg lower that will retest April or February lows. This is based on the fact […]


Day Trading Tips: How To Catch The Meat Of The Move

Trying to time the exact bottom or exact top is one of the biggest mistakes new traders make. You will always see traders on Twitter sharing their bottom tick or top tick prints. But what you do not see is […]


How To Profit In Market Conditions Where Most Traders Lose

The current market conditions are the worst for new, inexperienced traders. The overall market has seen an enormous increase in volatility the past week, as the major indices have been in free-fall mode. Most retail investors panic as they watch […]


What Do We Do If The Stock Market Bounces?

The panic is over and everybody is expecting a market bounce. Wonderful! I’d love to see a bounce and have exactly one bounce position that’s in play. However, that’s all I am doing right now. Why you ask, if the […]


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