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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Exhaustion Gap Definition: Trading Terminology For Beginners

An exhaustion gap is a critical concept to understand when trading stocks at the market open. A gap refers to a stock that opens above or below its prior closing price. An exhaustion gap is different from most gap ups […]


The REAL Truth About the Trader Lifestyle

With social media, it is easy to give off the impression that your life is perfect, and you never have down days. It is all just a highlight show, never the reality of the life you actually live. You cannot […]


The Anatomy of a Winning Earnings Breakout Trade (DECK)

Today I am going to show you how to trade earnings breakouts in only two minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Trading takes a lifetime to master, yet you are going to learn how to trade a simple earnings breakout […]


The 4 Primary Causes of All Your Trading Mistakes

After trading for almost 2 decades and working with 1000’s of students, I’ve seen trading mistakes of every variety.  There is only one person who is responsible for all of your trading results: The person in the mirror. In Trading […]


3 Simple Ways To Immediately Improve Consistency In Your Trading

Every trader strides for consistent results from trading stocks. Almost everyone who tries trading stocks makes money at some point. But they do not have the skill to keep the money they make. And this is one of the main […]


How to Find Your Trading Niche

Finding and mastering a trading niche is the most important step to finding consistent results in your trading. There are thousands of strategies out there and can be quite overwhelming for new traders. Your quest is to find just one […]


How Trading Smaller Will Increase Your Profits

Do you clench the mouse when you enter a position? Cannot leave the computer to go to the bathroom when you’re in a trade? Do you watch every tick when you’re in a position? If you do any of these, […]


The Correct Way to Lose Money Trading

Most of us were conditioned in our upbringing to associate failure with punishment and fear. Your teacher reprimanded you for doing poorly on a test. Our parents yelled at us for getting bad grades in school. Sports coaches fumed when […]


The Real Reason Why 95% of Traders Blow Up Their Accounts

Most people on the internet selling trading services give you the impression that trading is easy. You wake up, you buy some stocks, you sell them after 5 minutes for 100% gains. Then you go travel to Turks and Caicos […]


Vega Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Last definition over the series! We are back on the Greeks! Yesterday you learned about implied volatility and why you need to understand the concept for buying and selling contracts. Today’s topic is another topic that is directly related to […]


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