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Stock Charting Basics (Bulls Elite Series Day 3)

Charting allows us to see the actions of all traders in graphical format. It is the tool that takes what looks like random, chaotic data and forms it into a concise picture. We use them to determine not only where […]


Guide To Technical Analysis (Bulls Elite Series Day 2)

Technical analysis is the foundation of our trading style. Trading is all about timing the markets to catch strong trends, and the best way to time the markets is with technical analysis. Technical analysis catalogs market data and establishes a […]


Day Trading vs Swing Trading vs Investing (Bulls Elite Series Day 1)

Taking the risk to start trading stocks on my own was the greatest decision of my life. Learning to trade is not easy, and is not an overnight process. But nothing worthwhile comes easy. The freedom, independence, and scalability of […]


5 Tips for Day Trading on The Road

One of the best parts about being a trader is being able to work from anywhere. You need to understand that trading on the road is not as glorified as some of the trading services out there make it sound. […]


3 Trading Strategies For A Bear Market

We have not seen a bear market in around a decade. We have seen periods when the SPY has had large pullbacks for a week or two, but the dip has always been bought up. Then we continue to make […]


How To Trade Trend Reversals | TVIX Trade Recap

The overall market has seen a major trend change in the past 5 months. In February we saw a huge retracement in a very short period of time. Ever since then we have been slowly fading off the recent all […]


Dear Trader This Is For You – My Story

Learning to trade stocks was the greatest decision I ever made in my whole life. Finding trading success was not an overnight process. It took me years of toil and bone headed mistakes to learn how to do this for […]


How to Analyze Volume Patterns to Unlock Accumulation and Distribution of Stocks (30 Days To Master Swing Trading Challenge Day 11)

In Day 11 of the 30 days to master part-time swing trading challenge we use volume to analyze accumulation and distribution patterns in stocks and markets. Accumulation and Distribution Let’s keep this simple by thinking of accumulation as buying, and distribution as […]


How to Trade IPOs Stocks: Best Trading Setups 2018

The theme of this summer has been IPO plays. We have seen so many recent IPOs this year double in price in a few weeks, and sometimes less. They have offered huge opportunities to not only day traders, but for […]


5 Key Ways to Use Volume to Trade Like an Expert (30 Days To Master Swing Trading Challenge Day 10)

Now on day 10 of the 30 days to master part-time swing trading challenge we start a series of six challenges built around one of the most important elements to swing trading mastery: volume. Why we Use Volume What is trading volume? […]


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