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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5 Steps to Create a Successful Trading Watch-List

You should never pay someone just to access their watch list. To new traders, this seems like a great deal. But they all soon realize that buying someone else’s trading watch list doesn’t help make them money consistently. Once you […]


3 Ways to Reduce Your Trading Fees

Trading fees are the cost of doing business. For small accounts, trading fees will cut into your profits more, and make your losses bigger. Understanding the ways you can reduce trading commissions is useful for cutting down your trading overhead. […]


The Best News Catalysts for Momentum Trading

The most explosive stock moves almost always occur with some type of news catalyst. When you look at all the stocks gapping up and down every day, it is essential to know the catalyst behind each stock you are considering […]


What is a Parabolic Stock and How to Trade Them

After doing our BPTH trade review, we got a ton of questions about parabolic moves and how to trade them. A parabolic move is a setup you will see frequently in all financial markets.  It offers a great opportunity for […]


BPTH Trade Review: Understanding Why Supernovas Occur

Moves like BPTH only come around once or twice a year at most. In case you missed it, BPTH ran from about $7 a share to $73 a share in just 1 and a half trading days. These types of […]


The Best Stop Loss Strategy For Momentum Traders

Stop losses are a crucial part of profitable momentum trading. Whether you are using a hard stop loss or a mental one, you need to have a strategy for placing it at the correct price level. If your stop loss […]


How to Know if A Stock Gap-Up Will Fade or Explode

One of the most common questions I get from aspiring day traders: How do you know which stocks that gap up will follow through, and which stocks will fade off all day? We talked earlier this week about stock gaps […]


3 Tips For Overcoming Your Trading Fear

Fear is the most common cause of trading failure. It is natural to have an emotional attachment to money, and natural to fear losing it. But in trading, being fearful causes poor decision making and us to make decisions that […]


What Is A Stock Gap and How To Trade Them

The most explosive stocks every day are almost always stocks that gap up or down. You see us go over through a list of gappers every day during pre-market because of these stocks have a high probability of making a […]


The Importance of Candlestick Charting For Profitable Trading

What is a Candlestick Chart? Candlestick charts are a tool for displaying market data. The candlesticks on the chart display the high, low, open and close prices for the time period chosen by the trader. Candlestick charts can go as […]


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