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Kunal00 & Sanglucci Webinar today 5pm

Don’t miss Kunal Desai and Anand (aka “Sang Lucci”) tomorrow at 5pm ET/2 PST for their second discussion of what it takes to be a successful trader in 2014, live from LA! For those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you […]


Webinar today 4/17/2014 with @sanglucci

oin Anand Sanghvi (“Lucci”) and Bulls On Wall Street’s Kunal Desai today at 4:30 ET for the most honest trading conversationyou’ll hear all year.  The last time we put Lucci and Kunal on camera together, we treated audiences to a candid discussion from the two […]


Thursday Night Study Session

Guys we have a very busy week. My team and i are working our butts off to do a lot of webinars and classes while my schedule is free for a bit and im not traveling! We are adding some […]


Off to Costa Rica!

Hey guys im off to costa rica for the next 3 months! No its not a vacation. I will be working! Every year I take off somewhere for the winter.  I go about my full routine of trading, running chatroom/bulls, […]


Tape Reading and Options Webinar by Sang Lucci

At BullsonWallstreet we pride ourselves on providing legitimate trading education. We don’t BS our students and we only teach techniques that we practice ourselves. We brought Sang Lucci on as a partner educator because he fits the same bill. Sang […]


Thursday Night Study Session Recordign 12/20/2012

Here is Thursday December 20th study session recording by Maribeth! She went over many topics including some reviews of trades we took this week! Study this stuff!


Bulls December Bootcamp

Are you ready to become a successful trader? Do you want the tools to create the extraordinary life you deserve? Now is the time to take action. Whether you are new to trading and need a bit of hand holding, […]


BootCamp Testimonials

HERE ARE A FEW TESTIMONIALS from some of the guys.  Feel Free to email them or talk to them in the chatroom they will all give you feedback started trading in the BOWS chat room since January 2012 after trying […]


Monday Night Study Session Recording 10/1/2012

This is the webinar for Monday October 1st. In this webinar we went over the structure and mechanics of the market.  WE also dug into our trades that we took for the day $sync $srpt $gmcr $crus . We also […]


Monday Night Study Session

Driving back to florida this weekend so our old schedule of videos/webinars will be backon!  it was a fun vacation for 2 months  but time to get back to the grind. I will be depressed. angry. miserable. locked in my […]


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