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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

$NAV Trade Review – Shorting Intraday

Here is a trade we did on $NAV on June 11th. I like this type of setup. It’s essentially a breakdown pullback play.  Essentially, it occurs when a stock is in a huge downtrend and then out of nowhere has […]


$FRAN Trade Review – Trade Management

I wanted to do a video review of our $FRAN trade, as it provides a good lesson on trade management.  There are multiple parts to a trade; picking an exact entry is just one small part of the trade. Just as […]


$GRPN Trade Review – Shorting Earnings Breakdowns

Here is a short trade we made in $GRPN last week. This stock popped on earnings and immediately started to fade. Once it became obvious, via the chart, that the pop wasn’t going to hold we started to look for a […]


$P Trade Review – Setting Stops

This is about our trade in $P.  This is one of my favorite types of setups – the bottom bounce. Everything had lined up perfectly. I was a day early on the trade, but I knew I was a day […]


$CNW Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Here is a trade review on $CNW.  This is my favorite type of play during earnings season as every day you will see 20-30 stocks do this after earnings.  All you have to do is have a list of the […]


Goto Stocks 4th edition

Many of you guys have asked me about stock trading software and my routine at night when I’m doing my scans.  I run all sorts of scans depending on the market but most of my ideas just come from keeping […]


$ECYT Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

This is a trade review for $ECYT.  Earnings/PR Breakouts are my favorite setup as we are combing a fundamental catalyst to go with a technical move. $ECYT was a chart that we had been watching for months to see if it […]


$ECYT and $FXCM Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Earnings breakouts are the most powerful setups around for traders. We kill these trades over and over again. Heck, you could make a living just trading this one setup if you learn how to do it right.  Our two biggest […]


Paralysis of Analysis

I have been asked several times lately by new traders how to overcome the fear of placing trades. Just today, I received an email from someone saying that they had alerts set for $JOEZ, $SCEI, and $KERX, saw the setup, […]


Multiple Time Frame Breakouts = BOOM

Today we alerted ALIM in the chatroom for a quick 40 cent pop. The reason the alim breakout was so powerful was because it was breaking on multiple timeframes. Here are the mechanices behind how to take trades on multiple timeframes. You use the […]


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