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$UNXL Trade Review – PR/Earnings Breakout Setup

Here is a trade we made in $UNXL yesterday. This is based on the PR/earnings breakout setup which we play every day in chat room. It’s one of the staples of our Bulls method. During earnings season we are always […]


$SLCA: Day Trading Pullback on Earnings Gapper

$SLCA gapped up nicely on good earning news today. As you can see on the daily chart, the stock gapped open at $20.94, over both rising 20/50 MAs and not too far off the daily break level of $21.50.It quickly […]


$EDAP: Trading Gap Up Flag break for over 22%

We traded $EDAP in the chat room Friday for big gains. The stock was my watch list as it was pulling back on low volume after a big volume run. As you can see on the daily chart, on 02/01 […]


The Recording Of The Exclusive Webinar “Tips You Must See To Make Money”- Must SEE

The Recording Of  The Exclusive Webinar “Tips You Must See To Make Money”- Must SEE! In this webinar kunal goes over Analyzing the market indicies, setups on some of the homerun trades this week like GEVO, RKUS, IQNT, we talk […]


$ENOC: Small float big short makes 23% explosion.

We traded ENOC today in the chat room. ENOC ,one of those company which has a  small 25 million float with over 9% short interest.  The stock came to my attention on last Thursday as it was trying to break […]


Tape Reading & Options Webinar recording by @sanglucci

Here is thursdays webinar with @sanglucci where he talks about his Bank Of America trade that netted 110k in gains on an options trade using tape reading strategies + options


$UNXL: How to Trade a Trend Line Support Bounce

$UNXL is one of those  momentum names that had a tight flag triangle pattern on the daily chart. So I was eying it for a trade today. On the 10 minute chart, see that how it bounced off that uptrend […]


Z: How to short for day trade using price divergence.

Z had a good day today as the daily chart broke out. Low of the day was 29.60. I was watching it in the afternoon today as it was making new highs for a trade either long or short.. I […]


$CBMX Trade Review – Trading Red to Green Moves

The Red to Green play is one of our go-to setups and a very easy way to make quick money. You want to wait and let this setup confirm before you enter.  The characteristics of a Red to Green move […]


$ACAD Trade Review – Trading Gap Fills

Here is a short that we made in $ACAD last week. This is a short based on the gap fill principle that we use quite often in our chat room.  We originally took this short at $5.95 and played a couple […]


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