Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Simple Answers to the Most Confusing Stock Trading Questions

When CNBC pops up during your channel surf, drowning in hieroglyphic symbols and numbers that, allegedly, mean something to someone out there, it’s easy to understand why confusion about the stock market abounds. Inundated with raw data and financial jargon, it can […]


$OCLS Trade Review – Shorting PR Breakdowns

Here is a trade we did last week in $OCLS. We do this type of short often after a press release causes a stock to go up into the stratosphere. $OCLS was one of those stocks that was up 200%+.  We […]


Intraday Trading Setups – 12/3

Hey Guys! Here are some trades that we did for today with annotations on the charts. These are intraday setups that we trade over and over again everyday. You could literally learn this pattern, only trade these stocks, and make […]


13 Reasons to Practice Before Trading Live

Day trading is challenging. Markets rise and fall on a moment’s notice and the movement of large positions depends on accurate instincts, strategies, and analytics. For this reason, there is a high amount of risk involved. Without knowing what it […]


To Trade or Not To Trade? The Essential Information for Trading Stocks

Michael Douglas made quite an impression on eager movie-goers with Gordon Gekko. But while Hollywood’s interpretation of the average stock trader did plenty to titillate audiences, the insidious inside trader did little to enlighten the public to the true nature of day […]


10 Essential Tools for Every Serious Day Trader

Day trading is as exciting as it is unforgiving. Look no further than the millisecond-early release of Fed news that resulted in big bets by futures traders and you’ll understand just how fast the market moves. But futures traders at least have […]


7 Habits of Highly Successful Stock Traders

Hollywood loves a good story. A good story sells tickets. Who wants to see a movie where a well-researched, level-headed day trader makes modest gains with a disciplined investment strategy? In reality, though, renegade trading is more likely to lose money […]


$CSIQ Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Hey guys! It’s earnings season and time for us to start hitting some big winners again! Earnings breakouts are one of our favorite types of trades at Bulls. One nice thing is you don’t even have to scan at night to […]


Playing bounce after severe sell off.

Some momentum names like $YY $SFUN have been selling off for days now. When that happens as a trader, you always need to watch out for a bounce at some point, whether its on previous price or moving average support. […]


Am I Ready To Trade Live?

One of the many questions I get from my students is “when can I trade with real money” .  Its really the thing on all traders minds.  One of the tenets and promises I expect from my students when they […]


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