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How to Swing Trade GPRO

Recent IPO and new momentum favorite $GPRO looks ready to setup for a monster swing trade this week.  This is the type of setup all part-time traders and swing traders should look for. In addition to the GPRO analysis, I […]


Free Part-Time | Swing Trade Report Intra-day Video

Members of the Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report receive an intra-day video most days. In the video I go over the market and highlight some of our focus list stocks, along with good trading setups. Watch this video […]


The Anatomy of a Failed Breakout

One of the most overlooked and profitable swing trading setups is the failed breakout.  This setup is great for part-time stock traders looking to capture income generating trades in a short amount of time. While most amueter swing traders focus […]


7 Trading Rules to Live By

A lot of you have asked about what rules I follow as a trader – that’s a great question! Having and following rules is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble. When I was first trading I didn’t have […]


Trading Breakouts: The Breakaway Gap Setup

Swing traders are always on the lookout for momentum stocks that make explosive moves in a short period of time.  The breakout breakaway gap setup is by far the best setup for swing traders looking for explosive price action. It […]


10 Traits of Successful Students Turned Traders

Since starting this site in 2008 I have talked to literally thousands of traders.  Ive had over 1000 students complete our 60 day Bootcamp  and tens of thousands take our 4 day starter course.  I get the question all the time […]


The Trade Report | Current Open Positions Review

In this video I review the four current open swing trade positions in the Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report portfolio.  In a few short minutes you will learn why I entered these positions, where I will exit and […]


Trading Bootcamp Starts September 28th!

Are you a new trader with more losses than wins, and more questions than answers?  Or are you an experienced trader looking for an edge or a way to be competitive and profitable in any market environment?  We can help […]


Free Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: Looking for SPY to break key levels.  Video analysis of 20 focus list stocks, with annotations of 6 to key in on: BIDU, MNST, Z, VEEV, VRNS and GWPH. On Friday entered GWPH and still holding SPXU. Video […]


The Only Setup You Need to Know – The Breakout-Remount

My favorite setup for part-time trading is the breakout-pullback setup.  It is the bread and butter setup for swing traders who can not follow every tick in the market.  While it is a simple setup, there are a number of variations […]


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