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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Finding Trading Consistency: Update On Henrik

A lot of trading educators just focus on their one or two most successful students. You always hear about the millionaire students, the lambos, and the 5 star hotels in marketing of most trading services. Most millionaire students you hear […]


Day Trading An IPO Stock on Day 1: Trade Review $QTT

2018 has been the year of the IPO stocks. IPO’s have become relatively uncommon in the past 5-10 years, but this year there have been so many hot ones. The latest IPO we traded was QTT, which IPOed last week. […]


Is The Semi-Conductor Sector Ready To Breakout (For A Monster Swing Trade)?

I hardly ever trade sectors that are showing relative weakness to the stock market. That’s because sectors beating the market tend to continue to lead the market. As swing traders looking to catch momentum, we want to trade the hottest […]


Pot Stock Trading For Beginners: 4 Essential Skills

The pot stocks trend is far from over. All the stocks we talked about in the series, TLRY especially, have been on monster runs the past month, and seem like they still have juice left in them. However it is […]


How To Trade CRON: Pot Stock Trading For Beginners Day 4

Cronos Group has been one of the strongest Canadian pot stocks in the past month. It has gone on an epic run the past month, going from $6 a share and hitting high of over $13 a share, an over […]


How To Trade TLRY: Pot Stock Trading For Beginners Day 3

Tilray Inc. has been the most sensational stock of the past month. It has gone on an epic run, and is up over 300% since last month. Similar to what we did with CGC, we are going to discuss what […]


How To Trade CGC: Pot Stock Trading For Beginners Day 2

The Canopy Growth stock has been one of the hottest pot stocks of the past month. At around a month ago, it was trading in the 20’s. Last week it hit a high of around $56 a share, and has […]


Beginner’s Guide to Trading Pot Stocks: Day 1

Pot stocks have been the biggest craze in finance in 2018. Many Canada-based stocks in the cannabis industry have made massive moves this year, as Canada declared earlier this year that they would become the first major industrialized nation to […]


Risk Management Lesson: Giving Back Day Trading Profits

Every day trader has had to deal with the pain of giving back profits after you are up on the day. It is one of the worst feelings in trading, and for some it feels worse than just having a […]


5 Reaons Why You Shouldn’t Day Trade After 11am

How many times has this happened to you: You trade your butt off in the morning, and by 11am you end up in the red. Maybe it was because you broke your trading rules or maybe it wasn’t and it […]


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