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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 10.12.2018

Ugly action continues in the market after that  30 minute chart range breakdown on Wednesday. SPY tested weekly horizontal support 270 area. Needs to close the week over 274, 50 MA on weekly chart. QQQ broke 200 MA, needs get […]

The Market is in FREEFALL (What do we do???)

The market has been in free fall over the past few days. While it’s tempting to want to aggressively trade when downside volatility goes through the rough, this is not the time to up the trading frequency. This is the […]

3 Major Signs You’re A Bag Holder

“It’s not a loss until you sell.” “I’ll sell when it starts going back up.” “This is a great company, I’m in it for the long haul.” “It’s cheap at these prices I’ll just buy more down here”. “I’m going […]

Trading Watch List 10.10.2018

Pretty lame bounce in the market after being so oversold. SPY not much traction. Needs to break range in 30 minute  chart. QQQ Bouncing 20 MA, again not many conviction buyers around.Needs to break range in 30 minute  chart. IWM […]

Is this market ready to bounce or fade (let’s make a plan)?

The stock market is at a key inflection point. After getting beat down over the past few days, the indexes put in weak, but still technically sound rubber band bounce reversal candles. Now the question is, how do we play […]

Essential Trading Lessons From Tesla and Elon Musk

Tesla has been one of the most controversial large caps stocks of the past year. There are several key incidents in the past 2 months that have gotten Elon Musk in trouble with the SEC, and have lead to some […]

Trading Watch List 10.08.2018

Another ugly day in the market. However indices and many stocks bouncing some moving average support.   SPY break of 50 MA but closed back over 50 MA. Small cap index, first one to start sell off,  bounced 200 MA. […]

Trading Watch List 10.05.2018

SPQ, QQQ finally went IWM way with a vicious sell off. Came close to 50 MA and bounced. Most likely a choppy inside day Friday after a big range day Thursday.Indices all under 8/20 MA so caution warranted  with swing […]

5 Lifestyle Differences Between A Day Trader and 9-5er

Everyone idolizes the day trader lifestyle. It does have a ton of amazing perks, but it also comes with a major shift in habits and lifestyle changes from the traditional job. In order to understand the lifestyle of a day […]

Trading Watch List 10.03.2018

SPY, QQQ holds up well. Small cap , IWM , different story. Major rotation out of small cap continues . However, IWM is getting oversold and i am expecting a bounce soon. Ideally on red to green move at open. […]

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