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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 04.11.2019

Low range grind continues in the market. Ideal for swing type plays but no so great for day trades. Earning season starts next week , hopefully  we will get some range expansion soon. Meanwhile action remains slow and choppy. Here […]

The 6 Steps To Become a Successful Trader

Everyone wonders how to get started trading and what the path is like to become a successful trader. Unlike most trading services out there, we are not going to sugarcoat it and pretend it’s a quick or easy process. This […]

Why You Cannot Learn to Trade from DVDs

Most new traders have huge misconceptions about trading DVDs and how to learn to trade for a living. They think that they just need to buy a DVD, get the strategies, and then open up a brokerage account and start […]

The Best Part-Time Jobs For Aspiring Traders

A big issue aspiring traders run into: How can I make money to sustain myself while I’m building up my trading account without working a full-time job? If you are considering transitioning into full-timing trading, it is tough to work […]

How to Know When To Exit A Trade

How many times in a trade do you ask yourself: Should I get out of my trade here? Did the trend change? Is my winner going to turn into a loser? One of the most common questions we get: “How […]

Trading Watch List 04.05.2019

SPY grinding it out. All is well above 285 and 280 area. Rotation out of hot tech and software names and rotate into retail and bank names. Small cap index IWM finally catching some and need to take out 200 […]

Why High Dividend Stocks are Overrated

You see tons of social media posts touting the stocks with the highest quarterly dividend. Coca Cola and AT&T are often cited as being great stocks to own because of the high dividends they provide shareholders. The reality is that […]

Trading Watch List 04.03.2019

SPY hanging around after that wedge breakout. Individual stocks grinding along, great for swing positions , tad choppy for day trades. So trade based on your time frame. Here is my stock trading watch list for tomorrow: If you’re unsure […]

Swing Strategy: 7 Momentum Stocks that Ditched the October Meltdown (Actionable Setups)

Mr. Market has been on an epic run since it bottomed after the big October meltdown that saw SPY wipe out over a year and half worth of gains in two months. At the time it felt like the down […]

3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Trading Performance

Making a focused watch list and game plan for the trading day will increase the probability of you making money. We showed you guys yesterday how to make a comprehensive trading plan for stocks on your watch list. But at […]

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