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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 05.13.2019

Headline-driven volatility continues in the market but SPY managed to defend 50 MA yet again.  Need to remount over 8 and 20 MA. Despite volatility, if you are an active trader plenty actionable trading opportunities. Here is our stock watch […]

Trading Watch List 05.10.2019

We talked about SPY 50 MA or gap fill bounce trade. Worked as planned, bounced from gap fill.  Remount of 50 MA. Bulls want to see that 50 MA hold. Trade news/Tweet driven volatile market, but it can be awesome […]

5 Methods for Overcoming Trading Anxiety

It’s no secret that trading can be a stressful profession. A game that involves your ego, money and a lot of uncertainty will inevitably lead to anxiety. But there are several simple techniques and changes that can SIGNIFICANTLY lower stress […]

Trading Watch List 05.08.2019

SPY gap down below 20 MA support, failure to remount did set the stage for a text book trend down day.  Ideally , a test of 50 MA and gap fill would be great for a bounce trade, if it […]

Trading Watch List 05.06.2019

Bullish move again after 20 MA remount on SPY. Small cap IWM also breaking out of a range,adding fuel to strong market action. Here is my trading watch list for tomorrow: If you’re unsure of trading strategies,struggling with your trading […]

Trading Watch List 05.03.2019

Some weakness in the market after SPY broke 8 EMA short term support but manged to gold 20 MA. Back on the box again. Thursday’s low is support for now. Hopefully it can build here. Continued weakness leave the door […]

Trading Watch List 05.01.2019

Even a bad earning from Google can’t keep this market down. Dip to 8 EMA on SPY was bought. Plenty of play regardless of market gyration. Watch list names, JMIA, CGC, HEXO , ZM,STNE all gave decent opportunities. Here is […]

Trading Watch List 04.29.2019

Nothing new to report as far as market. Bulls continues to grind it higher. Some nice runners from watch list. Decent trading action in JMIA, TIGR,CGC,ROKU, HEXO. Here is my trading watch list for tomorrow: If you’re unsure of trading […]

Trading Watch List 04.26.2019

Flat day for SPY but weak action in many individual stocks. Maybe its a sign for some deeper pullback,maybe not,we don’t know yet, as long SPY above 8/20 MA, short term  trend remain bullish. Since it’s earning season , we […]

6 Video Lessons to Immediately Improve Risk Management

Keep having big losers wipe out weeks/months worth of gains? Winning trades turning into losers? Have a poor risk vs reward ratio on your trades and cannot be profitable? Risk management is one of the biggest factors that determine your […]

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