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Numbers Don’t Lie. Liars Do.

I received a DM yesterday from @TryTheWine basically asking how I was able to value these stocks so quickly, specifically the TRIT IPO. The answer is pretty simple, I start with a small position. Depending on your scale that could vary, but I usually like to hold positions in the 30k-80k range depen


Lot of people asking me about shippers. I shall be quick. They do look good. Mostly all them have same pattern. Solid break to upside crossing major moving avgs.  They can be bought on low vol pullbacks to support.  Here […]

GamePlan Wednesday 9/16/2009

Yesterday was a day to remember. i am sure to write a blog this weekend on the day kunal00 made the world go booooooom. The kind of boom that makes people fall out of their chairs and rip the dentures […]

Solar Stocks and MA50

Lots of solar stocks hitting against MA50. Time to watch for a breakout or resistance reversal.

MidDay update/ Buys

Market kind of chilling today. Technically we are overbought and not a big or any edge in adding longs here till we get a pullback.   As a swingtrader I like to buy and sell at support/resistance using oversold/overbought indicators.  […]

Treading Lightly This Week

Options expiration and lots of economic news this week could make or break a volatile profile.

GamePlan Friday

Yesterday was a decent day. The indexes were up slightly and the S&P made new highs. I wouldnt technically call it a breakout out since it just barely passed new highs and the vol was week.  Regardless there was booooooooooooooooooom […]

overnight lotteries are fun…but..

Everyone wants to get rich quick. The quickest way to get rich is to buy a stock at $2 and watch it go to $20 a day later right?

I’m feeling kind of bullish…

Get ready for the pain! Random babblings about the upcoming week or so.


Yesterday was an intersting day. Like so many times in my life I was caught with my pants down. After the silly report yesterday I was for sure we were going guns blazing……..WRONG.   Dow: -1.96%Nasdaq: -2.00% S&P 500: -2.21% […]

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