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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

MarketRecap/1-5 Watchlist

  No matter how you want to word it mother market kicked off the new year with some sass rolling on Bob The Bear and his unsightly friends.  While most of the gains rolled in the first hour or too […]

Jan 5 Watch List Update

I’m updating the status on today’s Watch List and adding a few for tomorrow.

I totally screwed up today…

This is what happens when you don’t stick to your convictions!

Oil/GAs 1/4

OIL. is on fire. $uso been up everday for a week.   Lot of plays close to breaking out or right under resistance. Some of the plays are straight on bottoms       $exxi could breakout here     […]

Jan 4 – New to My Watch List

Here are a few new setups that I’ll be watching this week for possible short term scalps or swings. These are not buy and hold setups and require active involvement.

Meet @rahulsood!

In my travels I sometimes come across interesting trends or concepts that I take a personal interest in.   You should probably read the rest of this blog over here…  

Tax Loss Selling Plays

January is a frigging nutty month for trading beaten up small cap, penny, china ding dog stocks. (except for last year when the market was in freefall). What you will see is with the aftermath of spring 2009 a lot of […]

Scalpin/Swingin Dec 30 setups

Check out my newest list of stocks technically setup for a move. Study these and watch for plays that might work for you.


this is for my boy ZippyStock:   If your looking to short a stock on a breakdown. Make sure its breaking longterm support if your swinging.  Be mind ful of Volume patterns   Look at CVI- Big Distribution- A break […]

Dec 29 BuyList/Market Recap

      drip drip drip chop chop chop not much action going on today. Stocks ended a sloppy session higher today, with the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq managing fresh 2009 highs on some semi-hoopla about a recovery in […]

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