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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

6/10/2010 premkt

    Futures are gapping up a decent amount almost 1% due to good news on China exports still staying strong and that they have not slowed due to european debt crisis. The trading handbook would have said that we […]

The big Turn 6/9/2010 market recap

                Much like previous limp dic$#@ attempts at the 200dma today we tried to attack the 1070 level with authority to only peter out to the whims of moustached men wearing pink fanny […]

6/9/2010 premkt

    Morning folks…looks like we got a slight gap up in the market about 1/2 percent on the SPY. OIL is extra strong today which is nice to see. We are decent overseas except in Japan which gets waxed […]

Market Recap – Still In Red Zone

Market finished strong today, but don’t be fooled. We need proof that the bulls are back!

6/08/2010 Market Recap…

          Well we held 104. It was a bit of a drunken slopfest chopfest. But we held. usually when a stock or market is on support and we hit oversold levels the risk to reward favors […]

The Red Zone and Trade Management

A look at the current trade zones on the DOW daily.

6/7/2010 gameplan

    Well we had quite a puke on friday after the bogus jobs report. Just when you thought things couldnt get uglier we get a number that was totally off the whisper report numbers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shocker!  Just remember those […]

Golden Week?

A quick look at GLD and how I may trade it this week.

Retail Stock Watch List – Week 6/7/2010

Here are a few stocks to consider as you prepare for Friday’s retail numbers…

6/3/2010 gameplan

      Morning folks.  Futures up a tad. Mostly due to the huge run overseas during the night.  the initial jobless claims number are out.   there has been  No movement.  Steady is not really that  good. New Claims […]

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