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Portfolio Update

I’m going to try and keep up with my high volume adrenaline trades here in a daily scorecard.. Let’s see if this works.

Technical Setups – Descending Triangle…. careful

I’ve seen a few of my fell B.O.W.S. members get burned on stock positions that broke south out of descending triangles. Let’s take a look at the pattern, shall we?

Money Quotes from Syntroleum

The Syntroleum 10-K is out…

A Note On HLCS

thoughts on recent trading on HLCS

2/26 Watchlist

    I’m in an out of office today on business.  Watchlist split depending on swingtrades and breakout/momo trades      

Busy Economic Calendar Day Tomorrow

The economic calendar is crazy busy tomorrow. Watch your positions – news could fill or empty your pockets.

2/26 Speculative Trade Setups

Today was quite a ride.. there were great opportunities in gold and solar stocks, especially.. Maybe of the other trades were difficult to time, at best. However, the Boom Factor did produce some big winners.

2/25 Speculate Trade Setups

HCLS still in the picture? Maybe. Here are a few newbies to the watch list.

People Can’t Stop Talking About Gold

Here is how I cut through all the noise and focus my short term trades in the gold commodity space.

Looking for Some Shorts

Now that I’m trading full time, I can spend more time looking for both long and short opportunities. Check out this sector – is it getting over bought?

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