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New Stocks on My Radar for 7/6/2010

Quick look at the SPX and a few new stocks on my radar

Jobs Report and Watch List 7/2

Here are a few stocks I’ll be watching Friday after the Jobs Numbers are released

Update on NEP, SYNM, and CCME

Check out this blog for an update on the 3 stocks people ask me about the most.


               What a day…we chopped around all day till the last hour when the bears finally put a little sac into their game and pushed us down.  But still no knockout blow. Needless to […]

6/30/2010 premarket

      hey dudes.  Market looks to be flat open.  europe was down a tad…but nothing much. Oil looks to be flat. We had the ADP numbers come out they were off a tad but it seems to be […]

Quick look at SPX 6/30

We finally found 1040 on the SPX

6/29/2010 premarket

          goood morning folks.   Just as we have been expecting a nasty open is in the making.  As i mentioned yesterday a couple times… I believe we are drip drip dripping our way downward into […]

6/28/2010 gameplan

          Im on the road today till about 12:00pm or so. I will get in the BF as soon as possible. You all have my phone and email so buzz me if you need anything.   […]

6/25/2010 premarket

      gooood morning. we are looking flat at the open. USO, UCO aka OIL are up a tad.  Seems that oil has bottomed as there is a divergence right now between the market and oil (interesting).  GDP numbers […]

6/24/2010 Watch List

A read on the SPX and a few stocks I’ll be watching tomorrow.

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