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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

100% Cash.. and it feels good

A quick reading on my love for sitting on cash. Do you visit the land of cash often?

Watchlist 1/29/2009

   Well its been nasty the last few days.  We have broken all support levels except one the $spy 108.  Everything else is breached.  If you look at the selling the last month. What do you see. On up days […]

My favorite indicator…. is Oil.

I follow oil religiously.  I get concerned when I see oil continue to go down, especially since it’s not a naturally recurring resource 🙂    People keep asking if I’m still bullish, or if I’m always bullish.  The answer to the first […]

Avoiding Risk & Stocks I’m Watching 1/27

Everybody wants to participate in a rebound in the market, but a lot of us are gambling instead of trading. Few thoughts and a few new stocks on my watch list.

1/25/Watchlist Monday

  Friday’s major breakdown changes the nature of the trend, as the 50 day moving average, which has acted as a strong trendline, was broken.  Not only did it break, but it broke hard on strong volume.  Look to short […]

Will the Sun Rise on Solar Stocks this Week?

After the massive sell-off across then entire solar sector this month, are we finally reaching a level of interest and possible reversal?

Laser Focus

A few thoughts headed into next week.

KUNal00 Buys & Sells 2010-Jan-22

Enoughs enough…..yes we got a nasty nasty dip last few days..  Does that mean u tuck ur sack between ur  legs and pretend to be a french soldier circa (well any war they ever fought!)   What do we do?? […]

Well wishers are awesome…haters not so much.

Just the woes of trading on Twitter.

My Healthcare Company Blog

remember I mentioned I was a founding partner of a healthcare company?

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