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6/11/2010 gameplan/premarket notes

  Yo yo.. futures gapping down, OIL is weak right now also.  Looks like some soft retail numbers have reversed the market.  Lets see how we handle this news. That will be a big tell.      

6/10/2010 premkt

    Futures are gapping up a decent amount almost 1% due to good news on China exports still staying strong and that they have not slowed due to european debt crisis. The trading handbook would have said that we […]

The big Turn 6/9/2010 market recap

                Much like previous limp dic$#@ attempts at the 200dma today we tried to attack the 1070 level with authority to only peter out to the whims of moustached men wearing pink fanny […]

6/9/2010 premkt

    Morning folks…looks like we got a slight gap up in the market about 1/2 percent on the SPY. OIL is extra strong today which is nice to see. We are decent overseas except in Japan which gets waxed […]

Market Recap – Still In Red Zone

Market finished strong today, but don’t be fooled. We need proof that the bulls are back!

6/08/2010 Market Recap…

          Well we held 104. It was a bit of a drunken slopfest chopfest. But we held. usually when a stock or market is on support and we hit oversold levels the risk to reward favors […]

The Red Zone and Trade Management

A look at the current trade zones on the DOW daily.

6/7/2010 gameplan

    Well we had quite a puke on friday after the bogus jobs report. Just when you thought things couldnt get uglier we get a number that was totally off the whisper report numbers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shocker!  Just remember those […]

Golden Week?

A quick look at GLD and how I may trade it this week.

Retail Stock Watch List – Week 6/7/2010

Here are a few stocks to consider as you prepare for Friday’s retail numbers…

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