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8/18/2010 premarket and watchlist

  morning folks. futures gapping up slightly. Overseas market mixed. . A break above 1090 and this market can run to 1100. Overall i do not think the market will run too far but we are definitely due for a […]

Farmers Make us Happy

      Morning folks.  Looks like market is gapping up about 1/2 % or so. Oil is firming up a bit up 1%. Futures Might be getting a push from somewhat decent reports fro $wmt and $hd and the […]

8/17/2010 gameplan

          coming in 2 parts folks.        

WALKING zombies

           pardon my charts today….the asseaters over at quotetracker that i do my trading platform and charting from are playing games with me. after 5 emails to them today some jerk named pierre  replied back in […]

SPX and Swinging

Tough Swing Environment

8/16/2010 premarket

      Morning folks.  Looks like we got another weak open. Futures are dipping slightly on news that Japans economic growth sharply slowed last quarter. Traders will be awaiting reports on the housiong market and regional manufacturing today.  The […]

8/13/2010 premarket

    Morning team.  Futures are gapping down again .5% accross the board. We are starting to get pretty oversold. Look for a dead cat bounce or if news surprises us we can always reverse.  Crude, nat gas are both […]


          Posted some charts of gold in the morning..thought today would be the big day they would start to breakout but the sell pressure was to great. As you can see $gld has broken over resistance.  […]

8/12/2010 premarket

    As ryno had mentioned last night futures would be gapping down. Ther are! a bit less than 1% across the board.  Oil getting smacked hard.  We are in the middle of the range for oil. Over the past […]

Stocks On Pullback Watch List

Get ready for a gap-down in the morning.. new bargins are right around the corner – wait for it.

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