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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Eye On Consumer

Give me some confidence!

Suffering from LFED?

Cut through the noise and focus on a strategy.

Freaky Friday

          The bulls and bears keep playing this game of ping pong both are drunk off their lack of conviction and spend their days pecker slapping each other daring each other to make the next move…we […]

Ford Friday?

Watching Motor Vehicle Sales and Ford’s Triangle Daily Chart.. Might be a trade in there.

9/30/2010 premarket

premarket notes

9_30 Watch List

List of stocks that showed up on some screens tonight.

Calm Before the Storm

We’re just 8 1/2 hour away from the data flow – GDP and more.. should be a fun day.

9/29/2010 premarket

  Morning folks.  futures are pretty much chilling here. No big changes which is not surprising as we dont have many real headliens this a.m. and the overseas markets were a mixed bag. OIL is slgiht sly up to mid […]

9/29/2010 gameplan


Retailers Feel Heavy

A snapshot of a pile of clothing retailer stocks

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