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8/6/2010 gameplan

      Morning folks. Futures getting whacked right here down about 1% across the board. As expected the jobs data stunk.They also revised last months data from bad to worse.  Payrolls shrank by 131k.  Obviously if the economy cant […]

8/5/2010 gameplan

          Morning folks. Premarket we are gapping down a tad.  market is chopping around in anticipation for the jobs report.  Normally we see traders postion themselves for it but these days its seems they are pulling […]

8/4/2010 gameplan

      $spy pulled back on light volume yesterday, which for me was nothing more than a buying opportunity.  With oil running and the market dips still getting bought I’m still a buyer for the week.  Don’t forget the […]

8/3/2010 gameplan & solars LiST

      Morning folks…futures are gapping down just slightly .23% or so.  Commodities still strong. OIL and Gas holding up both gapping up .5% or so.  Yesterdays action was nice. Its not the best day to trade as teh […]

SPX on Watch

My latest quick look at the SPX and a few new stocks to keep an eye on tomorrow.

8/2/2010 watclist Part 2

  One more video   aeis, avii, axti, lscc, wres, brnc      

8/2/2010 watchlist

      Morning peoples.  Futures are gapping up hard.  These are the tough days to trade as its always hard to buy the market when its already up 1.3% in first 2 minutes.  typically how much upside could there […]

7/30/2010 premarket

       Hey folks. Futures gapping down pretty nicely -1% across the board. Europe getting taken down also wiht -1% across the board.E xpect a sell off into the morning. Whether it continues is anyones guess. The price action […]

7/30 WatchList

Day of Data.

7/29/2010 recap SPLAT

             well today is the kind of day that makes u want to rip  ur newts off and give up your man card as no self respecting gentleman can swingtrade through such a hot mess. […]

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