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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 04.01.2019

SPY managed to come out of the bullish wedge. Could be an end of the quarter markup.  Needs to see follow through into new month for confirmation. Here is my trading watch list for tomorrow: On Sunday Kunal is doing […]

The 4 Elements of a Successful Trading Plan

There is no point in making a trading watch list if you don’t make a trading plan for every name. We talked yesterday about how to narrow down your watch list to improve your focus. But you could have the […]

The Most Important Step of Creating An Effective Watch List

If you run the liquid gainers scan that we discussed in yesterday’s article, you will probably get 100 or more tickers coming up. Some traders think they are done here. They think that having a big watch list means they […]

Trading Watch List 03.29.2019

Choppiness continues in the market as SPY is stuck on a tight wedge. Hopefully a resolution soon. Not much trading action except some random low float runs. Here is our trading watch list for tomorrow: On Sunday Kunal is doing […]

How to Find the Best Stocks For Your Watch List

Now that you understand the characteristics of the best stocks to put on your watch list, you need to know how to find these stocks. We typically run very simple scans to find the stocks to put on our watch […]

6 Essential Characteristics of Explosive Stocks

We discussed in yesterday’s article the 5 steps for creating a successful watch list.  Today we will discuss in detail the first step: Knowing the characteristics of the best stocks to trade. Many traders lose because they have the wrong stocks […]

Trading Watch List 03.27.2019

Gap up and sloppy/choppy action rest of the day. Market might be entering basing stage after the massive from December low. Healthy as long support holds. Short term SPY 280 followed by 277.60 and then 200 MA. Here is our […]

Free Webinar: Learn How To Build A Successful Trading Watch List

Your watch list is the most important preparation before your trading day. You cannot cut corners when it comes to making a watch list. You cannot become a successful trader without making a watch list. You cannot copy someone’s else’s […]

The Correct Way To Use A Trading Mentor

It is no secret that a trading mentor is integral to finding consistency. There is no reason to try to figure out something as difficult as trading all by yourself. With the internet, there is no excuse to make all […]

The Best Free Stock Screener for Momentum Traders

If you are serious about becoming a profitable stock trader, you have to be able to find the stocks that fit your trading niche. Many new traders just join a chatroom and follow picks. The truth is you will never […]

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