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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

The Accumulation Phase: Mastering Market Cycles Day 1

It is easy to see price action in the stock market as random. Some days stocks go up, and some days stocks go down. Some days they go up a lot, and some days they go down a lot. To […]

Apple and the Remount Trade (Detailed Breakdown of the Money Setup!)

Patterns within a stock can help you optimize your entries by gifting you a precise high probability entry point that has dual functions. First, the likelihood of a successful trade increases the more the pattern has proved itself reliable. Second, […]

Simple Trading Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Money

Every single trader makes mistakes. Usually on a daily basis. And often it’s the same mistake that you’ve made 100’s of times before. Why? Because no matter how experienced or rich you are, we are all human. This means we […]

Trading Watch List 11.16.2018

Nice rally after gap fill and reclaim back over  Wednesday’s low. Seasonality wise, market is entering a bullish phase during Thanksgiving holiday weekend period. However, China tariffs headline, news bites still remains a concern. I will be watching for a […]

5 Tools Needed For Profitable Trading On The Road

One of best parts about trading for a living is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. For profitable trading on the road, you need to treat trading like a job. This is not a vacation but a […]

Trading Watch List 11.14.2018

SPY gap up and fade after Monday’s violent break of 200 MA, a possibility that  I have  wrote in previous post. SPY now in the middle of the range above strong  270 area support. Bias is bearish but the chart […]

How To Maintain A Winning Streak in Trading

Every trader goes through winning streaks and periods of drawdown. No matter if you are trading with a million dollars or a thousand, every trader will go through both of these periods every trading year. Most losing traders struggle to […]

Trading Watch List 11.12.2018

SPY did what we  expected so far. Test of 200 MA after a “V” shape move and holds 200 MA. SPY needs to hold 200 MA or 275 gap fill area now. A violent break below those level will bring […]

Trading Watch List 11.09.2018

After a “V” shape bounce , market entering into congestion area. Ideally, what bulls want to see, some side way action or a dip to 277.50 and 200 MA, 275 area. A violent break below those level will bring in […]

How To Swing Trade Post Election Results (Key Levels and Momo Stocks)

Now that the election is over, the market can get back to business. Business before the election was an epic pullback off highs that made for a historic October to remember (or forget!). However, we are seeing some improvement. The […]

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