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9/13/2010 – Portfolio Update

Here is a quick reacap of my trades today

9/13/2010 gameplan

    Morning folks. Futures gapping up hard on the news about financial regulation.  Looks like a monster squeeze at the open. This gap should take us right into resistance. big gap ups are very hard to play as the […]

52 Week High Stocks

Quick thoughts on swinging stocks based on 52 week high lists

9/10/2010 premarket

      Morning folks. Futures drifting a bit higher indicating a higher open as investors are easing their worries of a totally stalled economy.  thats too be expected as we’ve had a slow news week this week in terms […]

9/10/2010 gameplan


Rounded Bottoms

    Been a ton of big breakout stocks last few weeks.  Most of them have not been the breakout stocks coming into 52 week highs but quite the opposite.  Some of the most powerful moves have come off flat […]

9/9/2010 Gameplan


SPX thoughts and a stocks to watch

We failed SMA100 again. Treading lightly.

Gold Needs to Breathe

I’m looking for a pullback in gold before I load up.

9/8/2010 premarket + watchlist

  Morning team. Futures gapping up slightly. The close of yesterday was not good. Crude OIL and GOLD holding steady. Modest strength overseas.  We only have 2 reports today Beige Book at 2 and Consumer Credit at 3pm. Beige Book […]

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