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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

8/10/2010 gameplan

        Market has been looking bullish of late. only couple red flags were teh overbought nature of the market and the stall. seemed that market was having trouble getting past 113 mark (1130 on spx)   today […]

Tuesday Watch List

Will the S&P ever get off of SMA100?

25 MOMO stocks 8/9/2010

      I am seeing momo stocks come back on my scans for the first time in a while.  When market rips these are the most powerful plays as they tend to breakout for days and can make huge […]

8/9/2010 gameplan

          SPY still above major support so holding longs is still a valid swing strategy. As we are noticing through the jobs report and the gdp the big gap downs are being bought which is what […]

8/6/2010 gameplan

      Morning folks. Futures getting whacked right here down about 1% across the board. As expected the jobs data stunk.They also revised last months data from bad to worse.  Payrolls shrank by 131k.  Obviously if the economy cant […]

8/5/2010 gameplan

          Morning folks. Premarket we are gapping down a tad.  market is chopping around in anticipation for the jobs report.  Normally we see traders postion themselves for it but these days its seems they are pulling […]

8/4/2010 gameplan

      $spy pulled back on light volume yesterday, which for me was nothing more than a buying opportunity.  With oil running and the market dips still getting bought I’m still a buyer for the week.  Don’t forget the […]

8/3/2010 gameplan & solars LiST

      Morning folks…futures are gapping down just slightly .23% or so.  Commodities still strong. OIL and Gas holding up both gapping up .5% or so.  Yesterdays action was nice. Its not the best day to trade as teh […]

SPX on Watch

My latest quick look at the SPX and a few new stocks to keep an eye on tomorrow.

8/2/2010 watclist Part 2

  One more video   aeis, avii, axti, lscc, wres, brnc      

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