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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Big List of sub $5 on Monday Watch

My spec watch list for Monday morning (under $5 stocks)..

Jobbie Jobs

market overview and watchlist of stocks

10/7/2010 gameplan



                    Yes the market has gone red…if we were gonna roll over we would probably do it with some panache.  This is a light meek pullback.  If Bob the bear had […]

10/6/2010 premarket

premarket notes. market overview.

Finnie Time

watchlist for today. Financial stocks i think could take off

Rocket Have More Fuel?

What a day is all i have to say.

SPX Breakout

market overview and analysis of SPX breakout.

10_5 Portfolio Update

What a day is all I have to say


thank you Japan! market overview and watchlist

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