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10/24/2010 Sunday night webinar

sunday night webinar 9:30 pm

10/22//2010 gameplan

10/21/2010 gameplan

Tricky tuesday

            yesterday was a swift kick to the places that most men hold near and dear.  Mother market has a way of shanking you while ur sleeping.  But in reality everyone pretty much new that […]

10/20/2010 gameplan

2 videos. 1 on indexes 2nd is watchlist

10/19/2010 premarket

premarket notes

10/19/2010 gameplan

market overview and watchlist

10/17/2010 premarket

morning notes. premarket roundup

10/17/2010 gameplan

market overview along with watchlist for today

Massive Monday Watch List

Here is my massive watch list for early this week.  Before you jump into any of these, do your research and make sure you know when all of these companies report earnings.  I’m not a big fan of holding into […]

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