Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Summer Love

      Every young man or even old man should use the summer for it does best to the human spirit. Love!  In th midwest people are quite ornery for a majority of the year due to the Detroit […]


      We are in no man’s land. The market touched up against the 50dma yesterday.  It will attemp it today.  Bottoms are a process it could take 3 or 4 touches before we get a break.  Im noticing […]

5/10/2010 watchlist

  Short watchlist as we dont need to be overtrading:   If mkt runs down..keep an eye on some of the metals like gold/silver etc   exk a bit tricky but its held its 50dma on multiple touches serving as […]

5/11/2010 gameplan

      Yesterday we got a classic squeeze on the EU news.  The action was inconclusive as we gapped and then ran right into resistance. Through my experience after such a nasty drop where the structure of the market […]

Monday Meltup

      My plan is to chillax, sit on the stocks i bought last week, and observe.  There is no edge in the market and managing risk is not easy with the threat of huge, nonsensical, illogical, the chart […]

Let’s Get This Week Started!

A few thoughts for Monday Morning

5/8/2010 gameplan

      Yesterday was a nasty day..One thats not totally unexpected as the signs were there. As we have been posting all day. We have been seeing major distribution days in the market for 2 weeks.  Check again the […]

May 5th, Blood on the Streets

NEP got destroyed… and I’d like to address that.

A Blog about Greece

You should read this —

5/5/2010 CINCO DE Mayo Watchlist

  this is what we had in the blog yesterday as kind of what we expected.       We now have had 3 major distribution days during the past two weeks.  While the market has been resilient, it’s tough […]

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