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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

How to Trade Short Squeezes: BYND Example

What is a Short Squeeze? A short squeeze is simply an increase in a stock’s share price because of short covering. When you short-sell a stock, you borrow shares from your broker and then look to buy/cover them at a […]

Trading Watch List 06.10.2019

Bull run continues after SPY 50 MA remount. News of Mexico  tariff resolution over the weekend as SPY approaching 289.20/290 resistance area . Potential for ” Sell the news” reaction for some profit taking. Watch list names continues to do […]

How to Find Relative Strength Stocks in One Minute (Swing Trading Momentum Stocks)

Every momentum-based trading strategy is based on relative strength. One of the most famous strategies, IBD’s “CanSlim” strategy, relies heavily on relative strength. Not only does the “L” mean to choose leading over lagging stocks, but every factor is also […]

Trading Watch List 06.07.2019

SPY bull run continues after 280 and trend line break and then retest and hold. 50 MA is the next obvious resistance.After 3 days of run , Ideally , bulls want to see some type of basing and then remount […]

Trading Watch List 06.05.2019

Big oversold bounce after some potential FOMC interest rate cut chatter. Headline driven tape, anything is possible based on news. SPY back over 200 MA and over psychological 280 level. Bulls want too see the 200 MA holds and a […]

The Biggest Difference Between A Winning and Losing Trader

Too many people in the world hold the belief that they don’t have control over what happens in their own life. The majority of the world believes that they are a victim of circumstances out of their control. They always […]

How To Trade The Beaten Down FAANG Stocks

Over the past few years, it’s been all about the FAANG. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google are the bellwethers that seemingly ignore any bad news, with any scary dip becoming a monster buy opportunity. Well, they are in the […]

Trading Watch List 06.03.2019

News headline strikes again  on a technically vulnerable market. SPY bounced 200 MA on 1st tap, second time usually doesn’t hold and here we are. Next support at 272.40 area. Although market is oversold, a bounce would not be surprising […]

How to Stop Trading Time For Money

Money is a taboo subject socially. Most people avoid the topic like its the plague. Many believe money is inherently evil.  But in the trading world, your success is defined completely by whether you can make money or not. You […]

Trading Watch List 05.30.2019

SPY , after multiple rejection at 284 area, finally broke down and tested 200 MA. Bulls wants to defend Wednesday’s low. I am expecting a short term bounce back to 280-282.50 area. Short term trend remains bearish unless bulls reclaims […]

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