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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Expiration Date Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Options are not a simple topic. I’m sure everyone has a billion questions after yesterday’s article about call options. Don’t worry, I’ll try to answer most of those with today’s article, and the other articles in the rest of the […]

Trading Watch List 02.13.2019

SPY finally over 200 MA as expected  We talked about in last post , many nice long setups after that mini consolidation over 268 in SPY. Nice follow through. As always price and setups pay! Here is our trading watch list […]

Call Option Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options Kunal gets asked all the time if we teach options trading strategies. To satisfy the ever-growing demand, Kunal finally recently asked me to teach Options strategies I use every day to grow my […]

Best Finance TV Shows For Traders

For most traders, the weekends are the worst part of the week. Luckily for traders, there are plenty of great finance TV shows and trading movies to unwind with once you are done journaling your trades. We have talked in the […]

Bullish Definition: Trading Terminology For Beginners

Bullish is a widely used term in the trading world to describe an uptrending market. You will often hear someone say, “That stock stills looks bullish” or “That is a bullish sign”. In general, a bull symbolizes future growth in […]

Trading Watch List 02.11.2019

SPY 268 area being defended.Short term line in sand. Here is our day trading watch list for 2/11: Individual stocks continues to hold up/act well with leading names grinding higher or basing. Seeing way too many stocks setting up for […]

Trading Watch List 02.08.2018

Mild  pullback day as market enters consolidation phase. Here is my trading watch list for 2/8: SPY manged to hold 8 EMA. As long pull back remains contained above support , all good for bulls for another push higher.Even on […]

Stop Loss Order Definition: Trading Terminology For Beginners

A stop loss order is an order used to buy or sell as soon as a stock reaches a certain price level. Its name is exactly what it sounds like: It stops you from taking a catastrophic loss.  A stop […]

After-Hours Trading: Trading Terminology For Beginners

After-hours trading refers to the trading that occurs outside of the normal hours of the the stock market. The US stock market opens at 9:30 AM EST, and closes at 4 PM. After-hours specifically refers to the trading session from […]

Trading Watch List 02.06.2019

SPY grinding toward  200MA. Here is our trading watch list for 2/6: Many eyes on 200 MA for a fade but keep in mind market can always  overshoot more then anyone expects. Dips are getting bought.unless we see violent trend […]

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