GamePlan Thursday 8/20/2009

Well the action on the SPY yesterday was nothing special.If anything just looked like a low vol deadcat bounce. The bulls couldnt up enough courage to do some real buying. I have this eerie feeling something big is going to happen. not sure what but I know. Kind of like that feeling when one of …

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Little Involvement Today

As a momo player generally looking for bullish breakouts, days like today were great for watching, learning, and minimizing the number of trades.

GamePlan Monday 8/17/2009

  As I woke up and checked my computer the scene is in Asia was even more gruesome than when my great uncle Eduardo Phillipe Ghandi had unleased Godzilla many of years ago B.K.(before Kunal) The Nikkei fell 3.1% to 10,289. The Hang Seng was down 3.5% to 20,169. The Shanghai Composite was off 5.8% to …

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Say Hello to @urban_ryno!

Hello, trading world. My name is Ryan, but acquired the nickname Ryno long, long ago for reasons I can’t recall. Not sure if being called Ryno is a good thing since rhinos have very poor eyesight, easily panic, and often run into trees during traumatic attempts to escape whatever the hell scared th

Trade for Yourself and Win

Many years ago I worked closely with this loser broker when I held a position in a tech fund. He constantly tried to give me investment advice while I was running my own plays. I always wondered why the guy who was trying to give me investment advice was wearing a fake Tag and I was wearing a Patek.

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