Become a Stock Trader! Day Trader Documentary

Day Trader Documentary

Recently we had a great group of students who want to learn how to be a day trader stay with me at my  place down in Florida. We spent our time soaking in the sun, chilling at the beach, and learning to trade! They were here for our Bulls on Wall Street Mentorship program. All these students were graduates of our Trading Bootcamp .   Our sessions are meant to be intimate, with personalized attention and learning provided to the students.

8:00 AM Morning Prep

Every trading day at 8:00 AM, all students were required to gather at my main house for the premarket morning prep. Not only do we share a healthy breakfast meal, we review what happened the previous night. We start up our premarket scanners and formulate a strategy for how we plan to tackle the trading day.

Side by Side Trading

A summer mentorship wouldn’t be complete without students trading together side by side. Here, students were in an environment where they can see, chat, interact with each other on what’s happening in the market. They called out setups, trade ideas, and supported one another throughout the trading day. Of course, with each potential trade they had direct access to me, and ask my opinion of their particular setup.

6:30 PM Classes – Group Discussions

After the market closes, all students gathered for a post market group discussion. Here students had the greatest opportunity to open up and learn how not only they traded, but how I traded, and other students traded that day. This way, students were able to see how others traded and ended up with different results, despite trading the same stock. As a group, we dissected each other’s trades and offered an objective review of how the stock moved and how the student could’ve traded better.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon sessions were where we prepped for the upcoming week. Together as a group, we dissected different industries and analyzed their trends. I personally reviewed each of the student’s ideas rating them based on their personal approach to the market mixed with my trading experience.

But probably the greatest value was the opportunity for my students to meet other students face to face. They were all at my place with the same goal, and so we were able to develop a nurturing and supportive environment. Trading is a tough game and without positive reinforcement, it can be difficult to plow through the slumps. Here, students formed lifelong accountability partners to help keep each other strong and on track.

If you’re interested in signing up for our next mentorship program fill out the form on this page and we can see if it is a good fit for both of us.