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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Watch List 08/01/2013

Choppy Market action continues. We are being very selective in names to trade during this time and focusing mostly on earning movers and news stocks in the chat room, they are working well so far.July has been a great trading […]


Watch List 07/31/2013

Choppy/sloppy summer trading action in the Index’s continues as we are stuck in a tight range. However if you are focused and have patience , decent action in individual names .Another good day in Bulls chat room with $1017 gains […]


Watch List 07/29/2013

Consolidation continue in the s Market as it continues to work out some overbought conditions. Subs. check out  Kunal’s comprehensive Market review and game plan for next week here. If you are interested in trading these low risk/ Huge gains  […]


Watch List 07/25/2013

Another slight pull back day in the Market but some nice downside move from many individual names. S&P-500 could bounce here after two red days or might head head down for more as no real support until 166-165.70 gap fill/20 […]


Watch List 07/22/2013

Another slow green day in the Market as individual names and sector continues to perform. Decent week in Bulls chat room with $5597 gains for the week. If you are interested in trading these low risk/ Huge gains  setups with […]


Watch List 07/19/2013

Rally continues in the Market as individual names and sectors continues to run. Sick day in Bulls chat room as we nailed down trade after trades and ended up the day with  $2454 gains. If you are interested in trading […]


$LITB Trade Review – Trading Late-day Breakouts

I traded this $LITB today in the chat room. This is one of those hot new Chinese IPO stock that I have traded many time before. I missed the first morning breakout and was eyeing the stock all day for […]


Watch List 07/17/2013

Small Pull back day in the Market as many stocks were getting extended. Few days of basing and sideways action will set some fresh new long setups. S&P-500 now has support on gap fill and or 10 SMA around 165.30/165  […]


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