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Trading Watch List 01.12.2018

Some volatility in the market Wednesday but bulls stepped in yet again, buying dips and back to fresh high for market. Incredibly resilient tape out there. Some nice moves from watch list names. FOLD,CNET,MRTX,SQ SAGE, NKTR gave some nice trades. […]


Trading Watch List 01.10.2018

Another small up day for the market. Not the greatest candle for SPY though as market seems to be getting a little tired. Choppy action in many names except some narrow pockets of strength in few names. Many extended stocks,market […]


Trading Watch List 01.08.2018

Rally continues in the market as bulls are in complete charge. Indices are getting overbought just something to keep in mind if you are all in. Be sure to keep your risk and reward in check, all good otherwise. If […]


Trading Watch List 01.04.2018

Market rally continues after SPY broke out to new high Tuesday Good thing about this rally is, it has been led by our “go to” technology names for a change. NVDA, OSTK, ROKU,FB,NFLX all gave some decent trades last couple […]


Trading Watch List 01.02.2018

Happy new years to all! Some volatility on the last day of the year. SPY finally closed below short term support 8 EMA after multiple tap. Next obvious support on 20 MA followed by 267 area. Slim picking as far […]


Trading Watch List 12.28.2017

SPY still in consolidation mode with strong support on 8 EMA. A break below 8 EMA could easily test 20 MA 265.80 area. Regardless of grinding action trading in individual names remain actionable. Tuesday we saw some nice run up […]


Trading Watch List 12.26.2017

Happy holidays all! Hope you having wonderful holiday so far. Another flat day for SPY. Basing action over 8 EMA support.As far as watch list ,i’ll be mostly watching some bitcoin/block chain related names  for quick trades. Some of them […]


Trading Watch List 12.22.2017

Flat day for SPY ahead of long holiday weekend. Some wild action last couple days with block chain/bitcoin related names.NETE, LFIN, NXTD gave some wild trades. Finally things slowed down Thursday with bitcoin names.they need time to set again. Some rotation […]


Trading Watch List 12.20.2017

Some “sell the news” action on the tax plan passing day. Nice trading action last couple of days. Our “go to” bitcoin play OSTK, RIOT gave some sweet trades. TWTR, ROKU ,two other names that did really well. Bitcoins names […]


Trading Watch List 12.18.2017

SPY 8 day EMA hold and back to rally mode again. Some nice movers from watch list specially from momentum names OSTK and ROKU. Beautiful trend intraday as all dips was getting bought.Many of caught them and still looks higher. […]


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