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How to Trade Pullbacks in Momentum Stocks

We recently showed you how to trade a parabolic short setup. That’s a powerful trade that provides nice gains to the experienced. But shorting that initial drop isn’t the only way to capitalize on a parabolic stock – you can also […]


Learn how to mitigate risk and profit during market volatility!

As most of you have probably noticed, the markets have been extremely volatile lately thanks to a number of factors. Kunal will be hosting a FREE webinar this Sunday night (July 12th) at 8EST to discuss his gameplan moving forward, […]


Trading While Travelling: A How To Guide

Trading from exotic locations is amazing! In just the last three months, I’ve been to Costa Rica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic and I’ve traded the whole time. But trading while travelling presents its own set of challenges, so I’ve […]


Path to Profitability with Student and Chat Member Oscar Martinez (AKA Fuinhaz)

On Monday the 14th of April we will be holding a webinar with a longtime friend and member of Bulls on Wall St – Oscar Martinez, also known as @Fuinhaz. If you’ve spent much time in the chat, you’ll know […]


Staying Patient in Trading ($hlf example)

I received an email from a member today asking a very good question regarding missed entry points. The question: I’ve been in the trading room for the past couple of weeks not mimicking trades simply trying to analyze why Kunal will […]


7 Trading Rules to Live By

A lot of you have asked about what rules I follow as a trader – that’s a great question! Having and following rules is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble. When I was first trading I didn’t have […]


Intraday Scanning (Video)

Here is the video of my scanning webinar! Feel free to email me if you have questions.


1/28 hot stocks

Market is extended to the downside and quickly approaching oversold levels. At this point in the game, its time to start expecting a bounce, even if its a short term bounce. In order for the bulls to reclaim power, I […]


1/22 hot stocks

We finally had a bit of volatility in the markets today. The bulls gained back control by the close and we closed just barely down. We made the most of the volatile markets and banked on both the long and […]


1/10 hot stocks

Not much volatility still in the markets, but it was huge day for us in the bulls room thanks to $sgmo $icpt $plug and $bbby. Our strategy is the same day in and day out and that is why we […]


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