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swing trading vs day trading

Swing Trading vs Day Trading: Pros and Cons Of Each

Swing trading and day trading are the best style of trading for making large returns in just days or weeks. They do come with more risk and difficulty than long term investing and the traditional buy-and-hold. But the reward of executing these two styles of momentum trading correctly can exponentially grow a trading account. In …

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conviction trading

How to Build Trading Conviction and Use It Correctly

“How did you hold that winner for so long?” “How did you hold through that big move against your position?” “Why did you take so much size?” What is Trading Conviction? Conviction is defined as “a firmly held belief or opinion”. In the trading world, you will often hear traders say “that was a conviction …

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trading recap

Weekly Trading Recap 8/5-8/9

Another week that defies the “slow summer trading” stereotype. Many great earnings plays, explosive biotech catalyst, and even small-cap runners! Here is a recap of some of the day trades I took this week.  The good, the bad, and the ugly! $CRWD, $ALLK, $SOXL Papercut, $OSTK Scratch $CRWD On Monday, the overall market had just …

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market pullbacks

5 Essential Rules for Trading Market Pullbacks

Market pullbacks are inevitable. No matter what you trade, nothing goes straight up forever without pullbacks or crashes. This week have seen a large pullback in the US stock market, and I see people panicking and making the same mistakes every time.  When you have the right rules and training, days during a market pullback …

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chatroom recap

Weekly Trading Chatroom Recap 7/28-8/2

This week was the best trading week of the year hands down! With multiple news catalysts affecting the market (Fed meeting and tariffs), and being the peak of earnings season, there have been a plethora of trading opportunities every single day. So much for slow summer trading! You may want to pullup the intraday charts …

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