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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

How To Trade CGC: Pot Stock Trading For Beginners Day 2

The Canopy Growth stock has been one of the hottest pot stocks of the past month. At around a month ago, it was trading in the 20’s. Last week it hit a high of around $56 a share, and has […]


Beginner’s Guide to Trading Pot Stocks: Day 1

Pot stocks have been the biggest craze in finance in 2018. Many Canada-based stocks in the cannabis industry have made massive moves this year, as Canada declared earlier this year that they would become the first major industrialized nation to […]


Risk Management Lesson: Giving Back Day Trading Profits

Every day trader has had to deal with the pain of giving back profits after you are up on the day. It is one of the worst feelings in trading, and for some it feels worse than just having a […]


5 Reaons Why You Shouldn’t Day Trade After 11am

How many times has this happened to you: You trade your butt off in the morning, and by 11am you end up in the red. Maybe it was because you broke your trading rules or maybe it wasn’t and it […]


5 Traits of Winning Traders

Winning traders are rare to find. The reason is because few people have the perseverance and dedication to become an independent, profitable trader in the stock market. Few people are willing to completely remake themselves and develop the traits needed […]


Overview Of Using Margin In Trading

Leverage is a controversial subject in the trading world. Traditional investing advice discourages the use of margin. You hear stories of traders going into debt to their broker because of it, and many other negative things on the mainstream financial […]


4 Essential Trading Lessons From A Successful Trading Student

Every successful trader has gone through a different journey on their path to profitability. Every trader has a unique perspective on the markets, and it is worth listening to as many traders’ stories as possible. A common theme you will […]


An Interview With A Successful Trading Student | Momo Trader Day 5

One of the biggest mistakes new traders make is not taking the time to learn and take advice from experienced traders. There is no reason to make all the mistakes yourself when you have experienced traders in our community to […]


How To Recover From Trading Drawdowns | Momo Trader Day 4

Trading is a profession full of ups and downs. Given that the stock market is random by nature, there will be periods when you will go through trading drawdowns, even if you have a high win rate. During these periods […]


How to Expedite Your Trading Learning Curve | Momo Trader Day 3

It’s no secret that the path to trading profitability is not an easy one. Successful trading requires you to develop habits that are inherently unnatural to most humans. Reprogramming your brain to become a successful trader is not an overnight […]


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