Kunal Desai, Founder and Lead Trader


Lot of people asking me about shippers. I shall be quick. They do look good. Mostly all them have same pattern. Solid break to upside crossing major moving avgs.  They can be bought on low vol pullbacks to support.  Here are a few of my favs.     $free any pullback to 1.8s you can …

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MidDay update/ Buys

Market kind of chilling today. Technically we are overbought and not a big or any edge in adding longs here till we get a pullback.   As a swingtrader I like to buy and sell at support/resistance using oversold/overbought indicators.  As we are overbought and at the top end of the range I am adding …

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GamePlan Friday

Yesterday was a decent day. The indexes were up slightly and the S&P made new highs. I wouldnt technically call it a breakout out since it just barely passed new highs and the vol was week.  Regardless there was booooooooooooooooooom all around for I am not beholden to any index except the one that the …

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