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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

MidDay update/ Buys

Market kind of chilling today. Technically we are overbought and not a big or any edge in adding longs here till we get a pullback.   As a swingtrader I like to buy and sell at support/resistance using oversold/overbought indicators.  […]


Treading Lightly This Week

Options expiration and lots of economic news this week could make or break a volatile profile.


GamePlan Friday

Yesterday was a decent day. The indexes were up slightly and the S&P made new highs. I wouldnt technically call it a breakout out since it just barely passed new highs and the vol was week.  Regardless there was booooooooooooooooooom […]


overnight lotteries are fun…but..

Everyone wants to get rich quick. The quickest way to get rich is to buy a stock at $2 and watch it go to $20 a day later right?


I’m feeling kind of bullish…

Get ready for the pain! Random babblings about the upcoming week or so.



Yesterday was an intersting day. Like so many times in my life I was caught with my pants down. After the silly report yesterday I was for sure we were going guns blazing……..WRONG.   Dow: -1.96%Nasdaq: -2.00% S&P 500: -2.21% […]


The Bears are Girly Men

Well the market ran into a death spiral of a big honking .8%  I must admit while i watched tv this morning from my diamond studded porcelian throne I took much glee in seeing the minor meltdown in China (even though […]


Position update-Kunal00 moves

Been an active little morning…..This market just doesnt seem to want to give in an inch. As I search for some intelligable(if that even is a word) conversation about the markets I turn to the one brilliant man I know who […]


GamePlan Tuesday 8/25/2009

Nothing changed much yesterday after the unexpected breakout on the SPY (unexpected on my part). We gapped up and everything started running but the day was basically even on the indexes. But yesterday was a great example of how a […]


Let’s talk about Online Gambling

Read the inside story on why I own WPTE….my personal affiliation with online gambling… and more on Elliot Shitzers bulbulous head and dirty past.


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