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How to Expedite Your Trading Learning Curve | Momo Trader Day 3

It’s no secret that the path to trading profitability is not an easy one. Successful trading requires you to develop habits that are inherently unnatural to most humans. Reprogramming your brain to become a successful trader is not an overnight […]


The Three Phases of Successful Trading | Momo Trader Day 2

Successful trading is not an overnight process. Many people get into trading because they think it will be an easy way to make a lot of money without hard work. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trading is no […]


Who We Are As Momentum Traders | Momo Trader Day 1

Momentum trading is the best style of trading to make high percentage gains in your trading account in a short period of time. It is not a style for the risk adverse. You can make huge amounts of money in […]


How to Trade Momentum Weed Stocks

Marijuana stocks have been hot the past couple of weeks. We took some trades on several cannabis stocks in the past week, capitalizing on the sector momentum. CGC, CRON, TLRY were a few names we traded recently. So how do […]


How To Day Trade Tesla | Momentum News Play

TSLA has been one of the most controversial stocks this year. There have been some serious doubts about Elon Musk’s ability to get the company profitable in the future. TSLA surprised everyone with their earnings results (or at least how […]


Trading Watch List 08.06.2018

Another up day for SPY. However, small cap index IWM is a concern as it still has bear flag setup until gets over the trend line. Indices again masking the action of individual stocks. Not much follow through on Friday […]


Everything You Need To Know About Our Live, In-Person Trading Bootcamp

For the first time ever, Bulls On Wall Street will be hosting an in-person bootcamp. In this event, we will take traders of all experience levels to the next level. We will teach you all the patterns I use in […]


Day Trading Tips: How To Correctly Scale Out Of Your Positions

I scale in and out of my trading positions every single day. It is one of the best ways to enter and exit positions for day trading in the stock market in my opinion. Scaling out is selling partial positions […]


Simple Day Trading Strategy For Earnings Plays – $IRBT

$IRBT was an earnings play that gapped up big on Wednesday in response to better than expected quarterly earnings results. The move in the stock Wednesday morning after the market opened  didn’t really offer a great setup to get a […]


The Most Important Component of Earnings Breakouts

Earnings season is here. It is the best time of the trading year to grow your trading account. Companies will see a ton of range, volume, big breakouts, and breakdowns during this time of year. For momentum traders like us, […]


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