9/25 hot stocks

The market is still in consoloditaion mode.. I know I have said that for about 2 weeks now.. but the range has yet to be broken.  It feels like we are consolidating for a move higher as all dips in the market seem to get bought (just like today) But we shall see! The way we trade in the boom room is great for those that are looking to make income or build small accounts. Almost all these trades are between 5-15 thousand dollar positions sizes. We dont trade large we just keep consistently knocking out hits. Trades are called out live with entries. exits, and position sizes. You cant beat that. If you are interested in trying out the room send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com. Here is a look at the trades from today and my list of stocks to watch for tomorrow:



cdti- breakout watch over 3.24

TSYS- stock is flagging and using 200dma as support

MSPD- flagging.. on watch for break of 3.5

 ZLC- breakout watch

RDN – stock is flagging

ODP- perfect flag.. break over 2.7 should do it

 HOV- breakout watch.. nice volume pattern

FTK- breakout over 13.2

 MRGE- nice tight flag

 VELT- bounce watch off 200dma support

SHOSR- breakout watch.. multiple taps

LEDR- parabolic short watch




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