9/18/2011 gameplan/watchlist

MORNIng folks. stocks under big sell pressure this morning after weak euro markets. We have seen this song and dance before.  The key today will be follow through the last many big gap downs we have had in the markets got bought up with some signficant interest.  I will watching to see if the same thing happens.  At his point im expecting the market to open slghtly below major support at 1200.  We dont have much economic data coming tu today so most people will be eyeballing any rumors overseas and we have the fed in 2 days. Great webinar last night! thanks for everone who showed up!  but only 1/3 of our members took advantage of the 2 hour kunal fest!  next time i expect FULL PARTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!! we did get into a great many things and it was quite fun. I did record it but have no clue how to get it on the computer  as its a wmv file so it will be up sometime in next week or 2 when i figure it out.




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