9/14 hot stocks

Bernanke has spoken and will continue to stimulate the economy with a ridiculous amount of money. Long term this is bad news for us but short term it seems we can expect to see a market run up into the election. There are days that are good for daytraders and days that are good for investors.. I like to think that daytraders have the advantage the majority of the time as we get to react to situations rather than forced to hold thru them. However, rare days like today is when the investors get the leg up on us and catch a 200 point move that none of us saw coming. It happens. We took a few trades in the room today and held a few overnight for swingtrades (1/2 $ftk, $dnn, $keg) Here is a look at the trades as well as tomorrow’s list:

GNK- hot chart breakout watch

ZLC- flag watch

S- bullish flag

NEWP- chart resting for breakout

TTMI- break of 11

HALO- going for gap fill

CLSN- breakout watch

PEIX- sympathy play to the biof run.. chart is hot



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