9/13 hot stocks

Nice two days in the boom room.. here is a look at the trades from yesterday and today, $2115 in gains! If you are interested in trying us out send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com

BULLS SUBS; check out my new post on trading intraday flags here

PDLI- breakout watch

ONTY- flagging under 200dma.. basing for big breakout

TSYS- flagging with 200dma support.. watch for a berak of the flag

URZ- all coiled up.. watching for a break of 1.6

SRPT- bounce watch off the 20dma


FTR- breakout watch

KKD- might run tomorrow

OCLR- nice long base forming.. watching for break of that base

DY- looks like we got a dead cat bounce.. looking for weakness to short

TLAB- flagging under 200dma


NTE- looks to be flagging.. might need a few more days rest but watching this name






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