8/27 hot stocks

Nice, consistent start to the week for us in the bulls room with $736 in gains! The market was bit of a mess late in the day thanks to news out of Syria. Its still a bit tough to tell what the market wants to do at this point. So far the trendline on the $spy has held and we are still seeing bullish behavior. Its not until 164 level on spy breaks that we should start to get worried. For now the 50dma support is holding. Thats the line in the sand to watch.

Bulls trading style is we take advantage of the same momentum setups that appear day in, day out, regardless of whether the market is up or down. So even with the market pullback this month,  we still were able to keep locking in the gains. This is what separates bulls from all the other chatrooms!  As you can see our strategy at bulls is to keep our losses small and take gains quickly. This method has earned us consistent gains month end and month out. Check out all the trades from the past year here.

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CREE- bear flag, if market fails, this is the one to watch

MXWL- breakout watch

WLT- breakout over 13.5. st0ck is flagging for a move higher

YY- nice strength today. watch for a break of the flag

EMMS- flagging, watch for breakout

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