Morning folks. Market looking light a strong gap up here after some decent strength in overseas markets.  Its looking like a 1.5% move across teh board.  This type of gap up days are single handledly the trickiest days for me as a trader as the market opens so high all the stocks gap up 5-6 percent and leaves us witha  lot of risk on a potential reversal.  Normally I wouldnt chase a big gap this high but in this market 400 point up days have  been seen so I will keep an open mind and look for slight pullback intraday for either adding pontential longs or even adding shorts.  We have fallen considerably the past week so having some type of bounce is definately not out of question. the key is to let the market/stocks setup insteady of chasing blindly.


Im picking up my aunt and uncle from the airport.there flight arrives from newark at 8:41.  I should be back by the open or close to it.  If im a few minutes late @szaman and @mb_willoughby will be in charge.  There plays have been hot all month




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