8/21 hot stocks

Big day in the boom room today despite the flat market.. the bios were hot in the morning and kunal nailed them for us. $1219 in gains today.  $rosg, $rprx, $dndn, $gnom. all big winners for us.

Huge breakout in $rprx.. we got in at 9.7 and sold 10.5’s.. stock ran to 11.4! Trades like these are easy to make big money on if you know how to play them. We have tons of blogs in the education section of bulls detailing how we play breakouts and how we pinpoint our entries on them. check it out if you haven’t already send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com and ill send you some info.

Here are the trades from today

A few stocks to watch for tomorrow:

ANW- stock is flagging

UA- breakout watch

RTK- breakout over 2.4

SPR- breakout over 26

PPHM- flagging.. watch for another push

SCI- breakout watch

NEPT- watching for 5 dollar break




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