8 hot stocks for 1/8

The market had a rest day today which made trading a bit boring. It seems that we are coiling for a move to recent highs on the $spy. The market made a huge move last week.. so a few rest days is very healthy for it. Here are a few breakout charts that I am watching this week:


SPF- breakout watch.. third tap

PPHM- r/g watch

CLDX- breakout watch

MCP- breakout watch

TUES- coiling for breakout

KBH- breakout watch

SNTS- coiling for a move higher

EBIX- coiled chart coming off a bottom. nice look for a bounce play

1 thought on “8 hot stocks for 1/8”

  1. Hi MB:

    Is there a glossary of terms you guys use for the technical analysis?

    Coiling – R/G – Dead Cat Bounce – etc

    For example coiling kind of looks like a flag at times so i get confused..



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