8 hot setups to watch for 12/29

Here are a few hot setups to watch tomorrow:

ZAGG- alot of selling in this name lately.. starting to get overdone. Should snap back soon.. might need one or two more days of selling, but on watch for a snapback.

RAM- completely out of upper bb and extremely overbought.. on watch for a short if this thing shows weakness.

ALSK- extremely oversold, selling seems overdone. ready for snapback.

CRME- nice chart.. had alot of buying into the close yesterday. could go 

DEXO- still watching this one.. coiling for another run

PEIX- closed strongly.. watch for quick red to green trade in the morning if this one doesn’t gap up.

PANL- in a box.. buy at the bottom of the box and sell at the top until the range breaks.. easy trader until then.

IVAN- flagging.. needs to gain some momentum back and break the 50dma to get moving again. on watch for 1.06 break with volume



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