7/11 hot stocks

We woke up to a nice market gap this morning only to fill the gap all day and close red. The bears are still in control. Here is a look at my view of the market.. next support is close by around the 1333 level. Thats the area I am watching to see if it holds. If it does, I plan to start adding long positions for a technical bounce

Despite the market being down today, we had a killer day in the boom room. Over trading can kill you when the market is down, best to trade quick, take your money when you get it and move on. Here is a look at our trades from today over $1100 in gains all alerted live!

Bulls subs: dont forget to read my new blog post on “how to trade sympathy plays” here.

a few stocks to watch for tomorrow:

MTW- short watch if this trend breaks

ACW- short watch

PRKR- stocks is flagging after big runup

CYTR- watching for pullback to 20ma support. should bounce there

PVA- bounce of 20ma support

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